What's New at LAFC?
2008\09 Soccer Season
Registration Day Younger Players U09—U14
Date: April 27th
Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Location: La Canada High School (cafeteria)
What to Bring: Birth Certificate—original plus two photocopies
(returning players only have to bring copies)
3 small headshots (1x1 inches)


All new and returning players must register with LAFC via the online registration system. Registration is quick and easy and should only take 10 minutes to complete. If you have multiple children in the club, create a family account to take advantage of the Club discount. All players must submit the CYSA and US Club forms, three 1x1 headshots, a birth certificate (original plus 2 copies) and proof of payment to the Team Admin or Club registrar before they will be issued a card for the new season.

2008/2009 Club Fees are as follows:
U9 Players: $1,350 per player
U10 Players: $1,500 per player
U11—U19 Players: $1,650 per player
There will be a $50 discount if all fees are paid up front as well as a $100 discount for each sibling after the first player. There will be 3 payment options to choose from.

These fees primarily finance the salaries of the coaching staff, registration of teams and players into CSL (including registration fees for 2009 California Cup), insurance, and playing field infrastructure. The Club Fees, simply put, are the Club�s operating fees. These fees are paid directly through the LAFC online registration system. Players will NOT receive player cards unless a $500 minimum payment is submitted online or in person with the completed paperwork ($250 for scholarship applicants).


LAFC will be working with Eurosport for all our uniform and Spirit Store needs. Each TA or team uniform coordinator will work directly with the Eurosport representative to handle all your team uniform needs. All new teams will be securing a new version of Adidas uniforms. Teams with existing Adidas uniforms will be able to fill in with additional uniforms for this year only, however, the following year, all teams will be migrating to the new style. Moving to Eurosport has brought down the cost in uniforms and gear and gives all LAFC players discounts on shoes and other items sold through Eurosport.

Financial Hardship Applications:

There are a very limited number of scholarships that may be available for families with a significant financial hardship. Financial hardship forms will be available at registration and on the LAFC website.

NOTE: These forms will NOT be considered unless a minimum payment of $250 accompanies the mailed form. Player cards will not be processed until the scholarship has been approved. Depending on the amount of the awarded scholarship, the entire balance due to the Club must be paid by October 1, 2008.

LAFC Contract Season:

LAFC players/parents sign an annual contract for the period between May 1 and April 30 of each year. During this period of time, players are trained by our professional coaching staff for successful team play within several areas of competition during the year.

Additional Costs:

In addition to Club fees, each team maintains a separate account with Wells Fargo Bank for Team Fees, which finances new uniforms, referee fees, tournament fees, equipment and tournament per diem for the team�s Head Coach. The Team Fees are paid directly to your Team Administrator. If you want to pay these fees via credit card, please contact your Team Administrator for details.

2008-2009 Team Fees include the following (these are approximate as costs may vary):
  • $75 per player for Season & League Cup Referee Fees
  • $150 per player for 3-4 Tournaments, Tournament per diem & Equipment
  • $35 per player for a practice uniform
  • $100 per player for 10 team training sessions at CATZ. These CATZ fees are optional, but strongly recommended.
  • Uniforms (see below detail)
Note: Team fees can vary slightly for each team. Your Team Administrator will be providing you with a detailed list of your child�s anticipated team fees. Payment of the Team Fees to the Team Administrator is immediately required, otherwise, uniforms will not be ordered and teams cannot be entered into tournaments. Team Fees are mandatory for every player; no financial hardship issues can or will be considered.
The minimum uniform package costs approximately $115 and consists of:
  • 2 game jerseys; 1 game short; 1 pair game socks

Additional items may be purchased (training/warm-up suit, embroidered gear bag, 3rd game jersey, or warm up jersey) but only if the entire team decides to purchase these items as a group. Most teams do choose to purchase the gear bag and training/warm-up suit, which adds approximately $100 onto the uniform package cost.

Fundraising with LAFC:

In addition, each team is responsible for finding sponsors and other support to contribute a team minimum of $1000 a year to help fund LAFC's non-operating expenses such as scholarships, field development and team subsidies. Participation in the LAFC Golf Classic or donations towards player or college scholarships would fulfill this requirement.

Community/Business/Individual Sponsorships, especially for individual Team activities, is encouraged and can help to defray Team Fees. Teams are asked to seek out contributions to assist in reducing their costs and/or finance Team travel and other activities. Any sponsors that a Team obtains will be duly recognized by the Club on our website and at our annual LAFC Golf Classic.

Welcome Aboard!