LAFC Boys Overall Winners of Champions Cup
April 08, 2007

Update—Sunday April 8, 2007

LAFC Boys Overall Winners of the Champions Cup
ORLANDO, Fla. California clubs swept the 2007 Champions Cup titles on Easter Sunday, April 8 at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex. San Juan SC claimed the girls’ championship, while LAFC was victorious in the boys’ competition.

Eight boys’ clubs and eight girls’ clubs came to Orlando, Fla. to determine a true national club champion by competing on the field. Each of a club’s three teams—U13s, U15s and U17/U18s—earned points towards their club’s placement at the 2007 Champions Cup. Final club standings, full results and photos of the victors can be found online at

In the boys’ competition, LAFC and San Juan SC each advanced two teams to first-place matches. With teams in a first-place match and a pair of third-place matches, Scott Gallagher SC (Mo.) also had an opportunity to win the Champions Cup. Competing in its first Champions Cup, LAFC won the boys’ championship by virtue of its U17s and U15s finishing first with a 4-2 victory over San Juan SC and a 1-0 win against CASL, respectively, and its U13s claiming third also with a 1-0 shutout of CASL. San Juan SC earned runner-up status, while Scott Gallagher SC finished third.

"With the difference of a goal in any age group, there could have been a different champion," said LAFC President Don Sheppard. "That’s how tight the competition was, so we’re thrilled to win the Champions Cup."

Update—Saturday April 7, 2007

BU13—Coached by Louie Bilowitz
Date Scores

4/5/07—8:00 am

Atlanta Concorde Fire (GA) (0) vs LAFC (2)


Scott Gallaghe R Brazil (MO) (1) vs LAFC (0)


LAFC (2) vs International S (ON) (0)


CASL 93 CASL Elite (NC) (0) vs LAFC (1)

BU15—Coached by Josh Henderson
Date Teams


Scott Gallagher (MO) (2) vs LAFC (4)


Concorde Fire Elite (GA) (1) vs LAFC (1)


LAFC (2) vs Rush Soccer Nike (CO) (0)

FINAL—12:00 pm

CASL 91 CASL Elite (NC) (0) vs LAFC (1)

BU17/18—Coached by Juan Carlos Sanchez
Date Teams


Scott Gallagher (MO) (2) vs LAFC (2)


PA Classics Elite 89 (PAE) (1) vs LAFC (3)


CASL 89 CASL Elite (NC) (3) vs LAFC (4)


LAFC (4) vs San Juan Lightening (CAN) (2)

GU13—Coached by Jarda Hruska
Date Teams


International U13 Girls (ON) (2) vs LAFC (1)


Albertson 93 Fury (NYE) (1) vs LAFC (1)


CASL 93 Spartan Elite (NC) (2) vs LAFC (0)


LAFC (3) vs FC Delco Destroyers (PAE) (2)

GU15—Dan Calichman
Date Teams


Albertson 91 Fury (NYE) (0) vs LAFC (1)

4/6/07—8:00 am

CASL 91 Spartan Elite (NC) (5) vs LAFC (0)

4/7/07—11:00 am

LAFC (1) vs Rush Nike (CO) (1)


LAFC (1) vs FC Delco Sting 91 (PAE) (0)

GU17—Teddy Chronopolus
Date Teams

4/5/07—2:30 pm

International U17 Girls (ON) (0) vs LAFC (1)

4/6/07—4:30 pm

FC Delco Fury II (PAE) (3) vs LAFC (1)

4/7/07—2:45 pm

CASL 89 Spartan Elite (NC) (2) vs LAFC (1)


LAFC (2) vs San Juan Spirits 90 (CAN) (3)

Update—Thursday April 5, 2007

LAFC 2—Concorde Fire 0
The Boys U13—Coached by Louie Bilowitz won their first game this morning. They played Atlanta Concorde Fire with a 2-0 Victory.

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