LAFC Chelsea WPSLTryouts
—1st Cut Results—

LAFC Chelsea WPSL team would like to thank all the players who attended the tryouts. The following players are invited to continue training with the team. Next cut will be at the end of March, and the final roster will be announced by the end of April.

Orange Team: 3-5-2
Schedule Dates Day/Time Venue
  March 17 - April 14 Weds, 8:30 - 10:00pm PHS
  April 20- Aug.4 Tues/Weds, 8:30 - 10:00pm PHS
Players Ann Marie Tangorra - F Stephanie Duron - F
  Sydney Vermillion - RB Georgia Coromelas - LM
  Erika Prado - LM Kristal Gutierrez - CM
  Kristy Krohn - ACM Reauna Wong - RB
  Shanna Hudson - CB Mary Ronau - RM
  Liz Franco - F Michelle Gonzalez - CB
  Elise Britt - DCM/ACM Alexis Thompson - CB
  Taylor Cochran - DCM Stacey Rodwell - CM
  Nancy Avesion - RM Ayana Younge - M
  Caroline Hanna - LB Ahlam Abdallah - GK
  Brittany Gonzalez - CB Amanda Johnson - GK
  Tessa Troglia - DCM