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LAFC is nationally recognized as an organization that produces top level players and one of the leading player ranking website, TOPDRAWERSOCCER.COM, has highlighted many of our boys in the "Players to Watch" Category. national club soccer player rankings are based on input from our their own scouts, staff and coaches at various levels. 

The following LAFC players and Alumni have been recognized:


Top 100 College Players (incl. So, Jr and Sr.)

Carlos Alvarez (So) UCONN. Alumi - National Ranking #61.


Top 100 2011 Boys:

Armando Gaitan: BU19 Premier and Academy. National #94, Regional #10.


Top 100 2012 Boys:

Ernesto Rubi: BU19 Premier and Academy. National #92, Regional #9.

Esteban Rodriguez: BU16 Academy. National #6, Regional #2.


Top 100 2013 Boys: (No National Ranking at this age)

Martin Arrieta: BU16 Academy. Regional #1.

Marco Delgado: BU16 Academy. Regional #6.

Austin Marquez: BU16 Premier. Regional #10.

Ever De La Torre: BU16 Premier. Regional #16.

Alan Huerta: BU16 Academy. Regional #19.


Top 100 2015 Boys: (No National Ranking at this age)

Malcolm Jones: BU14. Regional #2.

Adonis Amaya: BU14. Regional #4.

Alejandro Vergara: BU14. Regional #9.

Jorge Ruiz: BU14. Regional #14.

Daniel Crisostomo. Regional #16.


Other Honorable Mentions:

2012: Jonathan Kupperman: BU19 Premier

2011: Paul Hwang: BU19 Premier


Congratulations to all of the players and their families.


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