Jaroslav "Jarda" Hruska
[email protected]

Jarda was born in Czechoslovakia where he played and coached in the Premier Youth Football League in SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice www.skcb.cz professional football team's youth academy system. Many famous players such as Karel Poborsky (Manchester United, Benfica Lisbon, Lazio Rome) and Jiri Nemec (Schalke 04) learned their skills there.

In California Jarda has been coaching and training girl's teams since 1992. In 1994 Jarda joined California Flyers Soccer Club where he developed a girl's program with Yugoslavian international player Milan Dovedan.

Later Jarda continued coaching at the new Flyers Soccer Club under the direction of Leonardo Cullear, former captain of the Mexican National team and present Director of the Mexican Women's National team.

In 2001 Jarda joined Santa Anita Soccer Club where he coached and trained for three years with director Clint Greenwood.

In 2004 Jarda went to Crown City United where he coached and trained under the direction of Dan Calichman (see: LAFC Director of Player Personnel) until 2007 when CCU joined Los Angeles Football Club.

Jarda also worked for many years with Alejo Escos (Argentinean Pro Player, America De Cali Pro Player, Deportivo Quito Pro Player and Director of Temperley Soccer Academy) and Valerey Stepanov (Zenith St.Petersburgh Pro Player, Russian Soccer Federation Professional Coach and Director of International Soccer Camp, Inc.) who both had a big influence on his career.

Jarda's main focus is on developing proper soccer foundation and on individual skill training so every committed player can become a technically and tactically advanced player.

Jarda coached at all age levels and competitive brackets.