"Cleats Hit the Streets" projects are open to ALL LAFC players. You too can be part of LAFC's commitment to Scoring a Goal for the Community.

You can be one of the LAFC players who give back to the community when our "Cleats Hit the Streets" with this year's service projects:

Join your LAFC clubmate, Rebecca Platner of LAFC G19 Black.

Hey everyone!

My name is Rebecca Platner and I am representing LAFC’s community service program "Cleats Hit the Streets". I am writing to introduce all of you to our new project for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. We will be working with Akie Noah, an LAFC coach, and his organization ACNG, to bring an assortment of new and used items to children in Sierra Leone. These children, from about age 4 to 18, are growing up in a war-torn country, with out many necessities, and would love to receive anything we can supply them with. Some examples of excellent things to donate are:

School Supplies:
  • Pens, pencils, packs of paper, coloring books, markers, books
  • Anything that would be good for a tropical climate: light sweaters,
    t-hirts, shorts, shoes
Soccer Equipment:
  • Cleats, shinguards, jerseys, practice shirts, shorts, socks, balls, cones
Stuffed Animals/Soft Toys:
  • Teddy bears, dolls, anything that can easily be shipped (without many
How do you donate these items?
  1. First, label your donation with the name of your team on it. If you have other people (friends form school, relatives) donate items as well, make sure you put your team’s name on it in order to receive credit, as we are having a PIZZA PARTY for the team that brings in the most in this collection!
  2. Second, Drop them off at one of these locations:
    • Rebecca’s house
      634 S. Parish Pl.
      Burbank, CA 91506
    • Cathy Fraser's house
      224 W. State Street
      Pasadena, CA 91105

The date we need to have all of these items packed up and ready for shipping is Thursday December 6th. We really ask for your participation in this event. We want to send Akie with many many gifts for these wonderful children this holiday.

Thank you!

To volunteer for projects and to receive more information, contact:
[email protected]
[email protected]