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Week 2
Week 2 - September 18 - 19, 2010


LAFC Cosmos Boys

Name: Guy Horcasitas

Team: BU14 East (Bengard)

Guy played both games this weekend and was a catalyst in the first game up in Santa Barbara helping the team earn a draw on the road. He also helped his team on Sunday jump out to a 3-0 lead with a goal and 2 assists in the first half, the boys finished the game 5-0 victors.

Congratulations to Guy and all of his teammates in helping him earn this award. 




LAFC Cosmos Girls

Name: Kelly Dopke

Team: GU14 LAFC Black

Over the weekend, she scored a goal in each game against BRM and Gauchos FC to help the team continue unbeaten with a 4-0-0 record in Silver East. Kelly is a defensive midfielder who flawlessly joins the attack and helps the offense. She is also a team captain and has shown great leadership on and off the field. 

Congratulations to Kelly and all of her teammates in helping her earn this award.




LAFC Cosmos Boys - Youngers

Name: Matthew Odom

Team: BU10 West Black

Accolades: Playing the first half of the game in goal, down 0-1 from a pk, Matthew played in the right forward slot for the second half. Matt put 3 goals in the net to help his team race to a 6-1 win vs SAS Kickers on Sunday. One of the 3 goals was a great header from a cross from Kai Gill, one on a rebound from short distance and the 3rd from an excellent pass from Marcelo Gomez.

Congratulations to Matthew and all of his teammates in helping him earn this award.



LAFC Cosmos Girls - Youngers

Name: Janelle Guzman

Team: LAFC GU10 Black

Janelle, a midfielder, has been inspirational to her team’s success this year, having been named captain for the matches over the weekend she scored her first goal of the season and had 2 assists all while helping out defensively to maintain a shutout for the teams 6-0 win over Crown City United. In her second game of the season, Janelle continued to show leadership, good form and composure in front of the net, scoring a clutch goal in the dying minutes of the match tying the game versus Santa Anita SC and maintaining the team’s undefeated record for the season.

Congratulations to Janelle and all of her teammates in helping her earn this award.

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