• Count Pele Among the Fans of the LAFC Foundation
    • Last month, at Teleton, Mexico’s largest, charity telethon, the Brazilian soccer legend met LAFC founder and president Don Sheppard. Pele applauded the organization’s efforts to help the world’s children and teenagers. By building soccer fields and providing equipment, coaching and other soccer-related resources, LAFC not only helps youth in impoverished areas live healthier lives but draws them to other beneficial programming. “I just want to tell you how we use soccer to help children around the world get better education and resources,” Sheppard said. “Congratulations,” Pele told Sheppard. “Soccer was very important to me.” Sheppard was thrilled to meet Pele, who has been deeply involved in charitable causes since his retirement. “He’s preaching the story of peace and love throughout the world,” Sheppard said. “He represents the epitome of an economically disadvantaged child who’s made it big. He supports education and economically disadvantaged kids; that’s what we’re all about.”
18 / December / 2009  In the News 


#1 Segun Abegunrin on 12.20.09 at 8:19 pm

Way to go with Pele in ur camp Don. Bring him out here for the kids one day. We got ur back………

#2 Julianne on 12.27.09 at 12:43 pm

What a terrific experience for you, Don! Pele the great! Wow. I remember watching him!
All those moves, and all those inspirational plays for kids of today!
I applaud you both for the world of good that you are doing for youth and sport. Congratulations!

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